Cookie policy

Cookie policy


Cookies are small strings of text that the websites visited by the user send to the terminal (usually the browser) where they are saved to then be resent to the same websites upon the next visit by the same user.

Types of cookies used

The website only installs technical cookies. 

Precisely, the website uses the following cookies:

  • so called session cookies whose use is strictly functional in order to optimize use of the website and is only to ensure the best navigation of the website itself.  The session cookies used on this website do not allow the acquisition of personal data identifying the user.
  • Analytical cookies (or more precisely, Google Analytics) used for statistical purposes only, to identify the pages that were viewed the most by those visiting the website, how long they stayed on each page, and their geographical area. The information is then used in aggregated form.

Third party cookies

This website does not use or install cookies from third parties but allows them to be transmitted to the user's terminal. More precisely, the third party cookies that can be installed on the user's terminal come from Google Maps. 


For more information regarding the cookies used by Google Maps, consult the website:

How can I block cookies?

Most browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc.) are configured to accept cookies. But they also allow them to be disabled through the settings.


It must be underscored, however, that disabling cookies may cause the website to malfunction.

Users may always disable the cookies used by selecting the proper setting on their browser. Google Chrome

To disable analytical cookies to prevent Google Analytics from collecting data on your web history, you can also download the browser add-on to deactivate Google Analytics from