New guidelines for the prevention and control of Legionellosis

Today, Legionella infections are a serious and troubling problem due to the frequent presence of the microorganism in the hot water system in houses, hotels, campgrounds, pools, hospitals, rest homes, and any other situation where the water temperature is at least 25°C. Cases of Legionnaire's Disease are still common in Italy as in the rest of the world and this continues to heighten the interest of professionals as well as the general population.

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Workshop at the Ravenna CNA

In collaboration with the Ravenna CNA we held a workshop on the new water treatment system booklet.

In a world in which energy efficiency is increasingly important, national standards are also focusing on water treatment systems for the production of hot water and for charging heating and air conditioning systems. The meeting's purpose was to illustrate the groundbreaking UNI 8065 from 1989 that is now cited in Italian DPR 74 from 2013 regarding the new system booklet and the energy efficiency book as well as to analyze the requirements described in DPR 59 from 2009 for new systems or renovations. The focus was then turned to the benefits of adequate water treatment to ensure the energy efficiency of the system and to protect it from any problems related to corrosion or scaling.

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Heating/air conditioning system

Supply of pumps for the heating and air conditioning system in the new executive centre at the Faenza CNA.

In-Line electronic pumps including differential pressure sensors, Class A electronic wet rotor circulators, and a series of fixed speed In-Line pumps were supplied.

We also carried out the putting into service phase, especially the first startup of the electronic pumps to support the installing company.

District heating and cooling

Major district heating and cooling plants in Ravenna serving the new Office and School complex in the South Ravenna area.

Supply of 18 normalized centrifugal pumps with axial inlet and radial outlet paired using a flexible coupling to an electric motor with a power ranging from 4kw to 37kw. Pump and motor installed on a metal base.

Water supply units

Custom water supply for the naval industry.

Pressure units with two or three bronze pumps for fresh/seawater including tank assembled on a single base and installed on service vessels.

The units were constructed according to the customer's specifications.

Fire extinguishing pressurization unit

We protect our monuments.

Our fire extinguishing unit was installed to supply the fire fighting hoses in the BASILICA di CLASSE. The unit is comprised of an elec. pump, a motor pump, and a pressurization pump.

Water/foam fire extinguishing unit

Our fire extinguishing unit serving shipyards.

The primary feature is the use of water taken directly from the sea. Therefore the pumps and manifolds were constructed entirely in 316 stainless steel. The fire extinguishing system was finished with two membrane foam-forming liquid displacement premixers with a capacity of 1,000 and 2,000 litres.