Domenicali pompe

Original Parts

We only supply original spare parts for electric pumps of all brands.

We only use (if available) original spare parts for our repairs in order to preserve the proper functioning of the products.

Pompe Calpeda ricambi

Authorised service centre for the provinces of Ravenna, Forlì-Cesena and Bologna

Grundfos recommended workshop.
We can handle repairs on all products except during the warranty period.

The use of original spare parts also guarantees reliable repairs that last.

In addition to Grundfos and Calpeda, we also repair pumps, motors and fans of any other brand (e.g. Lowara, Ebara, Dab, Varisco, Travaini, Salvatore Robuschi, Doseuro, NovaRotors, Allweiler, Fluimac, Abs-Sulzer, Speck etc)

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we are in:

Via A. Bendazzi, 2
48124 Fornace Zarattini RA